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Last updated: 28 September 2012.

Fandom: Brokeback Mountain

Canon (one-shots and drabbles- mostly from Jack’s POV):

Shooting Star - "If you could make a wish right now, what would you wish for?" (Words: 1037)

Talking - Sometimes Ennis wished he could force out those same words, but they seemed to be stuck into his mouth, and there were some things he just didn’t have the strenght to say, even if he knew Jack deserved to hear them. (Words: 717)

Someplace else - He had always been a free, untamable spirit, and the sky was so huge and immense; it just seemed the perfect place for him. | Warning: dead!Jack. (Words: 455)

Next time - ‘Cause he knew he was holding into his arms the very reason of his existence, just before letting it slip through his fingers another time.. (Words: 465)

Time - The clear light of the full moon entered the tent, bathing Ennis’s sleeping form like liquid silver.
Jack smiled.
Written in occasion of Heath's birthday. (Words: 302)

Fading - Ennis became aware of living a caged life. (Words: 236)

Leaving - He descended that mountain with a bruised cheek and an aching heart, and for the first time in his life he knew how leaving home behind felt like. (Words: 626)

Loving - Shameless fluff. Ennis and Jack skinny-dipping and kissing and coming very close to talking about their feelings. (Words: 1281)

Just for one night - Hope was his damnation. ‘Cause when he had looked into those brown eyes it had suddenly dawned on him, clear as daylight: there wasn’t on earth any reward for dreamers. (Words: 575)

Twenty years lost - Jack aveva quel modo di fare a volte, quell’aria un po’ svagata, come se guardasse il mondo attraverso la foschia dei propri sogni, e forse, pensò Ennis, forse era quella visione ingenua e distorta della realtà a dargli la forza di andare avanti là dove chiunque altro si sarebbe arreso. (Italian; words: 1542)

Four elements - four drabbles: water, fire, earth, air. (Words: 850)

That something - There was something about Ennis. (Words: about 440)

Words unsaid -
It was right after Jack’s death that the weight of all the things unsaid and undone finally crashed on Ennis.
(Words: 866)

Don Wroe’s cabin - He can’t pretend so well inside of a tent. (Words: 788)

Reality - It was the kiss that had ruined everything. (Words: 230)

Sheol - There had been no floating, there had been no voices, there had been no light.
It was all painfully concrete, and a very much lonely experience.
| Warning: dead!Jack. (Words: 126)

Unique - Ennis is the only person who ever made Jack feel unique. (Words: 1253)

5 moments in which Jack missed Ennis (almost too much to stand) - What says on the tin. (Words: 1170)

Bedtime Stories - In which Ennis tells his daughters some stories he knows. (Words: about 650)

Calm before the storm - In which there's a storm coming. (Words: about 160)

AU fics:

Meet me on the Mountain - one-shot fic, written for the halloween challange.
"You don’t want to talk about it. You can’t take it anymore. You can’t come in August, always you, you, you, and you never fucking can, Ennis. It’s time for you to see what I want for a change. This time, you do something for me." (Words: about 4600)

AU!AU fics:

Always - one-shot (Dom!Ennis/sub!Jack. F-locked for mild bdsm themes)

The sweetest moment - one-shot, written for the chocolate fest.
Summary: Jack owns a chocolaterie and Ennis is a stalker-ish customer. (Words: 2816)

Carving - Ennis is Jack's best work of art. (Words: 2016)

Every place will be home - The place smelled like sex and cigarettes with a vague inlking of misery. | Prostitute!John. PWP-ish (or the closest thing to PWP I'm capable of writing. Words: 4167)

"The Dialogues Series"- a gay couple in our modern days:
First impressions | Soul of the party | April fools | Shacking up | Charm | Running the risk

Today's Little Game - written for the 2011 Valentine's Challenge (Secret Crush).
Summary: Isn't 32 a little too early to take a stock of your life? Well, if you are the virtually friendless owner of a close-to-failing bookstore, and the woman you've lived with for years has just left you for good, maybe it's time to ask yourself when exactly things started to go wrong... (Words: +4000)

Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Mismatched (1/1, Lestrade/Sherlock; 2057 words): on LJ | on AO3
Summary: Greg is wise enough to know he can’t stand in the way of someone with a death wish. If it’s not cocaine, it would be something else.
He has a feeling it’s either the drugs, or a bullet in Sherlock’s brain.
He’d rather it remained the drugs.

A Web Unobtrusively Woven | fem!Sherlock Holmes/Joan Watson (+5000 words, complete): on LJ | on AO3
Summary: Sherlock isn’t very good at relationships, she has never even tried. She’s always assumed she’d never be the kind of woman to tie herself to another person – certainly never a lover, she barely has any friends. Her opinion doesn’t change when she meets Joan, which only goes to show that one can be an excellent consulting detective and still miss a few clues.

Fandom: The Slave Breakers: a fictional universe created by [ profile] maculategiraffe. The links to her (awesome) original fiction can be found here: The slave breakers index page. (Warning: slave fic, with all that implies)

Yves/Bran one-shot (untitled) - posted at the [ profile] slavebreakers community.
Summary: In which Bran has a nightmare and sneaks into Yves's bedroom. (No smut. Just hurt/comfort). Words: about 1780.

Fire, earth, water, air - Holden, Jer, Bran, Yves. Four vignettes, posted at the [ profile] slavebreakers community.


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