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A/N: Just nothing ‘cause I was bored.
Genre: Canon drabble
Words Count: About 440

That Something

There was something about Ennis.

Maybe it was the way he talked, or maybe the way he looked, or probably both- something that seemed to scream to the world ‘Just leave me alone’, which for some strange reason made Jack want to be close to that lonely boy even more- like, the way he frowned while Jack was talking, the way his lips twitched, like annoyed, for Jack had a big mouth and he knew that himself, and that lonesome cowboy was probably used to the silence and Jack guessed he liked it just fine.

But no, Ennis wasn’t annoyed after all, ‘cause he listened.
Jack thought he didn’t at first, but than he had noticed- something like a glint of curiosity in his eyes, like he couldn’t help himself, and oh, Ennis was a real listener for sure, ‘cause that time Jack had complained about having to eat always beans Ennis had returned with some soup for supper, and Jack had known why, even if that lonesome boy would never say it and Jack would never thank him for that, and it just became another of those things neither of them would ever acknowledge, but for which Jack was grateful anyway.

And Ennis could almost seem cold but he wasn’t, no, not to Jack at least.
Jack knew he did care about him somehow, he cared about the things he had to say- stories about his childhood and tales of rodeo men, and when he spoke Ennis would hum quietly in response- and someone could have thought he was bored but Jack Twist knew the truth and he knew Ennis was interested, and that was just his way, quiet and humble, and Jack liked it just fine.

And sometimes Jack would swear he had seen Ennis smile despite that frown on his face, like he couldn’t help himself, and that made Jack smile too, smile like a fool for he was the one who had the power of curving the tight line of his mouth into a shy smile, and how could he care about something pointless like taming bulls when he was the one who had broken the walls of solitude that surrounded that reserved man?

Quiet man, lonesome man, skittish as a colt sometimes, but still, there was something about Ennis, something that made Jack think that he would do anything for him, anything, may it take all his strenght, all his efforts and all his time, he would follow Ennis to hell and beyond if he had to, ‘cause he was Jack Twist and he had tamed that lonesome boy's heart at last, and if that was the price to pay for such an amazing thing, this time he wouldn’t complain about that.


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