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Genre: canon/Jack’s POV
Warnings: canon, no dead!Jack though
Disclaimer: Ennis and Jack were not created by me, but by Annie E. Proulx. No infringements or disrespects intended.


It was the kiss that had ruined everything.

Rough hands smoothing his back.
That feeling of unsatisfied need that made Jack tremble every time.
All the heavy panting, the hot puffs of air on his nape, followed by the welcome burning sensation and the initial sharp pain.
A shaky breath.
And relief filling every fiber of his body.
The pain that turned into pleasure as the movements grew more and more frantic behind him, bringing him closer, closer to the place where he wanted to be.
Then a grunt, and with his eyes still shut Jack shuddered: and it was just like usual, it was like always, like it had always been.
Like it had to be.

Jack’s breath slowed down as he let himself fall on the mattress, rolling onto his back, his sweaty hair sticking to his forehead.

And then, right then, a hand reached out for him, gently stroking his cheek, and two lips brushed a soft kiss against his temple.
The bubble that had kept any rational thought out of Jack’s mind exploded.
So much tenderness.

Something that Ennis would probably never do.

No matter how hard Jack tried, it seemed that reality always found a way to sneak up on him- and sometimes it was just too hard to deal with.

He had said no kisses.
It had been that fucking kiss.
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