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Title: Four Elements
Genre: four canon drabbles
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: No betaed. Not even re-read.
Disclaimer: Ennis and Jack, y’all know they’re not mine. *cries*

Four Elements


On Brokeback, there were times when Ennis would wake up in the middle of the night, the pale light of the moon seeping through the fabric of the tent, the ground hard against his hip, just to find Jack curled up against his back, his chest pressed tightly against Ennis’s shoulder blades.
Spooning together but not quite hugging, Jack’s arms lying flat on his sides and not around Ennis’s waist, but still, it seemed to Ennis that was the closer they could ever get, every inch of Jack’s front touching him from behind, his body radiating warmth all over Ennis, Jack's breath hot on Ennis’s neck.
Only in his sleep Jack dared to be so close to Ennis, only in his sleep Ennis allowed him to be.
Jack’s form moulding against Ennis’s body, adapting itself, taking his shape almost, filling every little empty space and enveloping him completely.
Jack had taken him, swept him away with the force of a free waterfall, dragging him to the bottom.
And Ennis wasn’t sure he would ever resurface.


One thing Jack liked about Ennis, he found him soothing.
Ennis, the quiet cowboy, with his slow talking, really slow, like he had to mull over the words five minutes each before saying them, and when they finally came out, it was like Ennis didn’t really know what to do with them, muttering and humming and clearing his throat one hundred times in the space of one sentence.
But the sound of his voice... Oh, that voice, it sent a shiver down Jack’s spine every time Ennis opened his mouth.
Voice thick and deep, low and rich , voice like a rumble of the earth, echoing into Ennis’s chest and vibrating against Jack’s ribs whenever they were one into the arms of the other.
Voice not everyone had the chance to hear, and that was why Jack was glad, so glad, every time Ennis spoke to him with his gentle talk, talk which could tame horses, talk which could soften his heart, whispering into his ear things no one else would ever have the chance to hear, the voice of the earth leading Jack into the land of dreams.


Ennis sure was quiet, Jack had noticed it right after he had met him for the first time, but he also knew how to be fierce.
It was like meeting Jack had rekindled some dying embers deep inside Ennis’s heart, and now something had been set on fire, something neither of them could put a name on. And that something was burning, burning and consuming both Ennis and Jack, inflaming them with an unknown passion.
Jack could see it in Ennis’s fidgety gestures, he could see the sparkles in Ennis’s eyes when he glanced at him sometimes, the desire hardly hidden by those eyelids sending heat waves all over Jack, and the mirror image of the flames in those irises looked like a light burning from within, rather then the mere reflection of the glowing fire in front of them.
In front of that fire took place all the fierce kissing and the fierce love-making.
And no doubts about that, Jack knew that Ennis had warmed his existence and burnt his soul, leaving a scar inside that no one would ever be able to heal.


Jack was restless most of the time.
Seemed that he couldn’t stay put, not even while he was eating- always moving his hands while he was speaking, crossing his legs, uncrossing them, scratching his chin, and of course talking, talking Ennis’s ear off- Ennis you know that, Ennis we should do this, Ennis why you’re not talking, you know, bud, you sure are quiet today.
He talked the same way he moved and the way he laughed, confident and excited and full of life, and Ennis wondered sometimes how such a boy, someone so different from himself, could be such a good friend to him, understanding him so well.
But there were times at night, inside that tent and into Ennis’s arms, when Jack seemed to grow really quiet and he relaxed- talking slower, talking less, taking his time like they had all the time in the world.
And sometimes, just sometimes, he would cradle Ennis into his arms, touching the soft curls, his lips against his temple, and Jack’s breath into Ennis’s hair was like a cool gentle summer breeze blowing in a field of golden spikes.
And even Ennis relaxed under Jack’s touch, all his worries and fears disappearing and melting away, like autumn leaves blown away by a rebel draught.
And Ennis would close his eyes then, allowing Jack to hold him tight, and he felt like he was truly alive for the first time, like Jack was breathing life inside of him.

Inside that tent, the voice of the earth tamed the soul of the wind, the strenght of the water placated the heart of the wildfire.

Love is a force of nature.


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