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Note: I haven’t written in, like, ages. Bet my English’s all rusty.
Genre : AU "drabble" (not 100 words actually)
Word Count : about 161
Disclaimer: Ennis and Jack were not created by me, but by Annie E. Proulx. No infringements or disrespects intended.

Calm before the storm~

“What’cha lookin’ at?”

Ennis is frowing, standing still and straight when Jack joins him.
He’s looking north and Jack stops beside him, curious, although somewhat dishevelled and still not fully awake. He tries to stifle a yawn withouth really succeeding.
On his right, Ennis snorts.

“Storm’s comin’,” he says.

Terse as usual.

Jack looks northwards where Ennis’s been looking, at the clouds that are already gathering, growing darker and thicker by the minute.

“Hmm,” he says, sliding both hands deep in his jeans pockets. Sudden and brief, a thunder growls in the distance. “It’s gonna be terrible, campin’ in this weather.”

Ennis chews on his lower lip. He doesn’t answer.

“Guess we’re goin’ tomorrow.” Two hands sneak around Ennis’s waist as Jack leans on his back, pushing Ennis lightly against the porch rail to talk straight into his ear, his voice a low rumble like the thunder growling north. “Come back inside.”

Summer rain storm over the Wyoming plains- Mark Lewis


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